©2022 Harvy Santos

unruly medley for SS2019 >>

inspired by Joan Miro and unwoven straw

Known for combining timeless elegance with twenty-first century fun in all his work, Harvy meshes classic and signature shapes with disruptive design features.  DIZZY MISS LIZZY includes boaters, coolies, berets and cloches—but also enormous pompom fascinators, an impertinent fez, and a beach hat built for two.  The new collection freely combines natural materials including specialty straws—abaca, paribuntal and hessian—and hand-painted cottons with acrylic, nylon, crystals and pearls.


All the collection’s components have been ethically sourced from global suppliers, and each hat and couture headpiece is a unique creation made entirely by hand in Harvy's London studio.


photos: Jade Berry

makeup: Nozomi Maeda

Harvy Santos proudly unveils DIZZY MISS LIZZY, his gloriously unruly new medley of hats and headpieces for Spring/Summer 2019, inspired by a diverse a collision of influences including the organic abstraction of Joan Miro’s 1967 painting ‘The Gold of the Azure’ and the intricate filigree of unwoven straw.


‘I’m exploring the tension between chaos and order,’ says Harvy, ‘and between simplicity and excess.  I’m working with silhouettes that are chic and elegant, but building them from materials that capture motion, emotion and just a little bit of spiralling out of control.’  He continues, ‘Even the simplest and most classic shapes in this collection contain tangled up energy for both the wearer and the audience.  I want you to feel just a touch dizzy in a good way, exhilarated like when you take a leap into the unknown or when those first bubbles of champagne hit your brain.’