©2022 Harvy Santos

Harvy Santos proudly goes LOOP DE LOOP with his exhilarating, spiralling and sometimes gravity-defying new collection of hats and headpieces for Spring/Summer 2018.


The collection of thirty new hand-made pieces mixes up a playful swirl of contemporary style and combines it with silhouettes that echo decades past.


'As a starting point I took the sweet, sunny and sometimes silly hats our mums, aunts and grandmothers used to wear,' says Santos, noting that 'they always made an impact on me, whether they were garish or gorgeous or both.'  He continues, 'LOOP DE LOOP is my homage to those amazing ladies and their wonderful hats, but remixed to be totally relevant for today with reworked with my own kinetic and cheeky point of view.'


LOOP DE LOOP features classic and signature shapes in multi-hued summer brights, all hand-made in straw, stitched braids, raffia, silks and sateen, accented with loopy flowers, bulbous bows, chunky crystals and original spirographic prints.  Santos concludes, 'I've brought back some of my favourite and most popular silhouettes, but there are some new surprises too—including a ponytail clamp rouleaux and a cowboy hat with a built-in lasso!'


model: Lauren Kenny

makeup: Yulia Yurchenko

photos: Ira Giorgetti