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a flutter of butterflies for SS2020 >>

polymorphic symbols of joy and freedom

Harvy's kaleidoscopic collection of hats and headpieces for Spring/Summer 2020 is inspired by the ephemeral beauty and transformational lives of butterflies.  Using the butterfly as a symbol of freedom, joy and diversity, the new range of thirty-four original hand-made designs were unveiled at Paris Fashion Week in September 2019 .


‘Butterflies are beautiful and to me they all about freedom,’ said Santos.  ’They exist in a huge range of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns—a glorious parade of diversity that includes everything from subtle elegance to wild exuberance.  Their life cycles are full of epic changes and reinventions, as they grow from egg to larva to pupa to adulthood when they finally spread their wings,’ he continued, ‘but their lives are so short they really need to make every moment count.  They flit about, kissing you hello and kissing you goodbye, because they need to seize the day.’  In ‘PAPILLON’, Santos has used the aesthetic appeal and the metamorphic life of the butterfly to celebrate a range of human experience that includes all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds and orientations.

Across the collection, classic and signature shapes pay homage to timeless millinery heritage, while bold new silhouettes and disruptive design features challenge our assumptions about what a hat can be.  The colour palette is rich, broad and bombastic, representing a full rainbow of identities and brought to life in both lush traditional fabrics and modern synthetic materials.  Sometimes chic and sometimes cheeky, the new collection uses straws, braids, luxurious gazars, organzas, bamboo silks, and printed organic cotton chambrays ornamented with pearls, tulles, and bespoke butterfly paillettes in acetate.  All the collection’s components have been ethically sourced from global suppliers, and each hat and couture headpiece is a unique creation made entirely by hand in Harvy's London studio.



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